An emergency landing of a Ryanair plane and the kidnapping of journalist Roman Protasevi by the services of Alexander Lukashenka With the harsh reaction of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and the US ambassadors to the region.

On Monday, when the European Union announced the sanctions, the president also took the floor Joe Biden. In a statement posted on the White House website She said she had mandated her administration to prepare “appropriate options” to punish those responsible. Measures must be taken in close cooperation with the European Union and other allies, partners and international organizations.

The United States strongly condemns the return of the plane and the eviction and arrest of Mr. Protasevi. This scandalous incident and the movie that Protasevi filmed, apparently under duress, are shameful attacks on political opposition and freedom of the press. The United States and other countries around the world are calling for his release, as well as hundreds of political prisoners. Illegally detained by the Lukashenka regime. “

Biden supports the Belarusians

The White House does not specify what sanctions it can impose on Belarus. T.The European Union plans to extend the list of 88 people in the Lukashenka systemThose banned from entering the European Union and frozen assets (details will be agreed in the coming days) and the extension of the blacklist of companies with frozen assets in the European Union.

In April, the Biden administration suspended sanctions applied through 2015 to nine Belarusian state-owned companies, including the. Two oil companies, Blneftegheim and Naftan. This harmed Minsk’s ability to obtain hard currency thanks to the export of products made from Russian raw materials. Washington also expanded the list of people banned from entering the country to suppress protesters and journalists to 109 names.

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“For months now, Belarusians have been protesting loudly, demanding democracy, respect for human rights and protection of fundamental freedoms. I admire the courage and determination of Belarusians fighting for basic rights, including journalists like Roman Protasevic and opposition leaders such as Svyatlana Chichhanowska’s husband, Sergey Ceshanowsky. Stand with the Belarusian people in their struggle, “Biden wrote.