National Guard soldiers were taken prisoner by photojournalists while on their off duty. Some of them were literally sleeping on the floor outside the elegant halls of the Capitol. This situation may be the first of its kind in nearly 150 years. – the last Once She told the gate that soldiers had been sleeping in the Capitol during the Civil War Roll Call Jane L Campbell, President and General Manager of the United States Capitol Historical Society.

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The last days of the presidency. What will Trump do before leaving?

United States of America. The Capitol is under special protection

A week before Joe Biden was sworn in President The United States Capitol is specially protected. The number of troops increased around this area, in part due to riots that broke out during the vote to approve the result elections presidential. The agencies also received information that “armed groups” are planning to launch another attack on Washington before Joe Biden is sworn in. On January 20 to Washington About 15,000 National Guard officers were seconded. Additionally, the Secret Service patrols the Capitol.

United States of America. The Secret Service will take care of security during Biden’s inauguration

The soldiers are ready

As the National Guard spokesperson confirms, the soldiers pictured are resting in between shifts, but they are still ready for service. “This area of ​​the Capitol has been designated as a resting place for National Guard personnel while they are on duty, but they are on duty,” she said. US News Renee Lee, a spokeswoman for the National Guard in Washington. After the US media circulated information about thousands of soldiers stationed in the Capitol building, locals organized a series of articles to facilitate their stay and the performance of duty.

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