The strike would interrupt film and television production across the United States.

The union, which represents about 60,000 film and television production workers, struck a temporary deal with producers on Saturday to prevent a strike that threatened to halt film and television production in Hollywood and across the United States.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Theater Employees (IATSE), which includes camera operators, makeup artists, sound technicians and other production staff, said negotiators have agreed to a new three-year contract.

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“This is the end of Hollywood,” Matthew Loeb, president of the union, wrote in an emailed statement. “Our members have stood firm. They are strong and united,” he added.

Accumulation due to the epidemic

The shutdown of film and television production during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a backlog that has resulted in crews working up to 14 hours a day delivering shows for broadcast.

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The union threatened to strike on Monday if it could not reach an agreement with the Association of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP).

The strike will halt film and television production across the United States and will be the largest since the 2007-08 Hollywood writers’ strike. This will hurt several media companies including Netflix Inc, Walt Disney Co and Comcast Corp.

What was the relationship?

IATSE aims to reduce working hours and raise salaries for members who work on streaming platform programs, where rates were set 10 years ago when online video was in its infancy.

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The institute said in its statement that the proposed agreement addresses these issues, including rest periods, meal breaks, living wages for those at the bottom of the wage bill, and a significant increase in wages to be paid by new media companies.

The negotiated agreement is subject to voting approval by IATSE members.


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