About this Donald Trump card Wanting to leave the White House on Wednesday morning, Jan.20 (that is, on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration), informants from the surrounding areas informed the Associated Press. President. They asserted that Trump’s plan is to “escape” from Joe Biden and leave Washington before the swearing-in ceremony for his successor. “He wants to leave the White House while he’s still president and lands at his Florida residence on Wednesday morningHow long will you continue to do its job officially “- he describes that NBC News, Citing two independent sources.

Trump wants to leave the White House before Biden. They are preparing to celebrate him. “There will be an orchestra.”

In place of Trump, Vice President Mike Pence is expected to attend the official White House handover ceremony. As I mentioned CNNA ceremony is being prepared for Trump’s departure, reminding us of “going on a state visit.” “There will be a guard, a squad, a red carpet and a salute,” describes a White House administration official in a TV interview.

Earlier, US media speculated that Trump might leave the White House on January 19, the day before his successor is sworn in.

Vice President Mike Pence will attend the swearing-in

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Donald Trump will not appear at Joe Biden’s inauguration

last week Donald Trump He stated that he would not appear in the swearing-in of Joe Biden. Even before his Twitter account was blocked, he wrote that he had no intention of attending the presidential handover ceremony. At the same time he announced that he intended to hand over power peacefully. “Because Congress approved the results elections, It will cover the new administration rz ± dy January 20. I will now focus on a smooth and orderly transition of power, “he wrote. Vice President Mike Pence will appear at Biden’s inauguration.

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Donald Trump is leaving the White House for two weeks After the riots in the Capitol And during the impeachment process launched against him. Pictures of the movement’s start were published on Thursday The presidential couple from the White House. Donald Trump’s move to Florida (he has his luxurious mansion in Mar-a-Lago) sparked the reluctance of his neighbors. For many years, Donald Trump has had rough times with the Palm Beach authorities, as he often broke the law and his boisterous parties disturbed the peace of locals.