Blizzard is officially updating the look of its flagship client.

Most recently, went high when Blizzard wanted to change her client’s name to one more related to the studio. It ended up with a lot of criticism from the players and a revert to the original name.

Now there is information about updating’s appearance. This one is currently available for certain regions, specifically North America, but you can actually see what it’s supposed to look like. theme

As Blizzard writes, the studio wants to focus, among other things, on official news related to its productions. The social panel and game tabs will change. All in the name of better organizing for games, news, etc.

The upgrade isn’t necessarily related to anything, but it might be the basis for Overwatch version 2. It doesn’t have to be relevant, but players have already mentioned that the new version might support something that will be added in the second installment of the hero shooter. The chance of that, albeit very small.

Blizzard once mentioned that he would like to create an entire clan system, so maybe something will be offered to make it possible. For now, this appears to be just visual and organizational changes, rather than introducing entirely new functionality.

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