US President Joe Biden makes no secret of his love for two of his four-legged friends. Those behind the owner moved from Delaware to the White House in Washington in January 2021.

United States of America. Joe Biden’s dogs were sent to Delaware. Cause of the Secret Service incident

Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s dogs were brought back. The reason for the decision was an accident involving the Secret Service agent.

One of the US President’s dogs – Major – was about to bite a security agent. The accident was so serious that it was decided to return the quadruple men to Wilmington, Delaware.

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United States of America. Joe Biden and his dogs. He promised the first after Obama won

Joe Biden, as reported in Wirtualna Polska, has two dogs. Major – This dog was taken from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018 and was the first adoptive dog to live in the White House. Major ended up in the shelter after being found in a trash bin.

There were no quartets in the White House during Donald Trump’s presidency. This is the second case of its kind in history – the first American president to move into a mansion without dogs was James Knox Polk, who took over as head of state in 1845.