iPhone is water resistant to IP68. This means we can hold it underwater for 30 minutes, and its maximum depth is 2 meters.

Cnet editors ran a test showing that this iPhone is more durable. It has been proven that the “eleven” will last for 30 minutes, even at a depth of 12 meters.

However, this is not the most shocking thing. A couple passionate about diving came across a highly resistant version of the iPhone 11.

What a discovery! IPhone 11 running at the bottom of the lake

Dobreprogramy.pl reports that Clay and & nbspHeather Helneberg regularly sweep Canadian rivers and lakes to clear the bottom of all sorts of things. If they find something of value, then they try to look for your money.

This time Heather caught on. It was located at the bottom of Harrison Lake. When the device was dried in a silica container, it was found that it was still working.


Divers contacted the owner. From her account, it was clear that the smartphone had been lying at the bottom of the lake for about half a year! The battery is completely intact, speaker and microphone are only slightly damaged, and they can be fixed.

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