Employees of the popular Yellowstone National Park, located in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, shared a unique video on Twitter. It shows a bear-like animal running through a snow-covered forest. It turned out to be a wolverine. Only a few individuals have been spotted in the American forests over the past few years.

Park biologists said in a Facebook post that park biologists are excited that a remote camera captured one of the rarest mammals in Yellowstone National Park, and a black and white video was posted.

Wolverine belongs to the Mostel family and its skin is covered with long thick brown-black fur with light spots on the head and light stripes on the sides of the body. He leads an earthly lifestyle, but is an excellent and agile swimmer who climbs trees and rocks. He is brave, strong and relentless.

Scientists have repeatedly referred to situations where a wolverine fights for prey with larger predators – such as deer, elk, or reindeer, which it collides with in a continuous race through snow. Interestingly, she collects food in tunnels under the ice, and returns to it even after six months.

According to Gazeta.pl, it is estimated that there are around 2,300 individuals in the world. Currently, wolverines are found in desolate areas of the taiga and tundra in northern Europe (Scandinavia), Asia and North America (Canada and Alaska). It was again common in North America (Colorado, Indiana, and Pennsylvania), but was eliminated.

In Poland, these unique animals can only be enjoyed in the zoos of Opole and Chorzów. Tatyana and Thor, or wolverines from Silesian Zoological Garden, have been able to enjoy their new run for several days.

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A forest full of treasures. The video clip featured forests from Puri Tucholsky