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Hurricane Dorian. Scientists flew aboard hurricane hunters in the eye of the element

Ida is currently located on the Gulf of Mexico. It is accompanied by winds of up to 150 km / h. However, according to predictions, it will be the time when it hits the coast of Louisiana Tornado Category four on a five-point scale, with gusts of up to 225 km/h. Local authorities have issued a number of eviction orders or recommendations. In New Orleans, the order applies to all areas outside the dam system.


US media also reported that more than 80 a program Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico have been evacuated, and oil and gas production in the region has been halved.

During a virtual briefing at the White House President Joe Biden He learned that he directed 500 employees of the Crisis Management Agency to countries at risk. They will join the two thousand people who will help fight it right away pandemi ± COVID-19. Louisiana is a state severely affected by the coronavirus, with low vaccination rates and a highly contagious delta variant.

We have deployed food, water, generators and other necessary resources. He said the energy and communications teams are on their way Biden.

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Ida and the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Ida will hit the coast of Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which killed more than 1,800 people and lost more than $125 billion.

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Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards assured Saturday that “the strong and hard-working people of Louisiana will survive Tornado. He said officials are working to find hotel rooms for many of the evacuees. “I hope and pray that we don’t have to do this to this extent,” he noted. He added that Ida is expected to be one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit Louisiana in 150 years.

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