On Thursday, August 26th (Coincidentally, the world celebrates this day world dog day) Owners dog Pablo, Catherine and Roger stopped in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville in the Savoy Alps. The French were just returning from Italy, where they were spending their holidays with their pets. The two-year-old burrow, not far from the wagon, did not return all that evening.

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We waited for hours. We spent the whole night there – to no avail – we reported on the owners, whose statement he quotes Digichat.info. After waiting for hours, the concerned couple went to town hall to report the missing dog. Then they traveled to their relatives who live in the nearby eye. – We wanted to be around incidentRoger said in an interview with If Someone Calls Us About Pablo blue France.

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France. Worried dog owners unexpectedly received a letter from home

A few days later, when Catherine and Roger were slowly losing hope that their friend would return to them safe and well, they were called by an acquaintance, who took care of their Bezos home during the trip. The man sent the couple a picture of the emaciated but alive Pablo who had found his way home 380 far from Saint-Martin-de-Belleville. kilometers. – Then I got acquainted with Pablo, and I could not believe it, it was a moment of real happiness – said the owner of the dog to the media. Based on this information, Catherine and her husband immediately set off on their way back.

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It is not known how animal We managed to travel nearly 400 kilometers In just three days. In the event of further adventures, Pablo received a collar with a GPS sensor from the owners.

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