• A stay is a legal provision that allows authorities to temporarily suspend the exercise of a right.
  • In this case, it is about the right of landlords to evict tenants who do not pay their rent on time
  • A moratorium prohibiting eviction of non-paying tenants was in effect in the United States for another year
  • The US Supreme Court has said it is legal, but the president cannot extend it without congressional approval
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The end of a moratorium introduced a year ago in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic at midnight on Monday is the result of legal chaos. The Democratic Party wanted to extend the freeze and protect people from eviction. The House – which has taken a month’s recess since Saturday – was unable to extend it due to objections from a Republican lawmaker that prevented a vote on Friday.

Earlier, contrary to expectations and almost at the last minute, President Biden refused to extend tenant protection by decree, calling on Congress to do so. The White House was concerned that the regulation might be overturned by a Supreme Court ruling, which could narrow the president’s scope of action against the pandemic in the future. But as a result of the president’s decision, Congress only had one day to pass the legislation.

While the Supreme Court recently ruled that imposing the moratorium was legal, Justice Brett Kavanaugh said in a statement of reasons that the decision could not be extended without congressional approval.

According to the Associated Press, 3.6 million people are threatened with eviction in the coming days. There are 15 million tenants living in 6.5 million delinquent households with payments totaling $20 billion. The end of the law banning evictions during the rapidly worsening pandemic will occur as the delta variable spreads.

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The protest was launched by Democratic Congresswoman Corey Bush, who has been homeless in the past three times. In protest, Bush spent the night outside the Capitol, sleeping outside in a retractable chair.

“We are hours away from completely avoiding the crisis,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said Saturday. We have the tools and resources. We just need time – she added.

The White House indicated that much depends on the actions of local authorities, which have so far failed to spend the money that was given to help tenants. To date, tenant protections have been extended under local law by California and New York state authorities.

Źródło: PAP, news agency