The authorities said that a series of tornadoes that swept five US states could kill about 70 people. “The level of damage is unlike anything I’ve seen in my life,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said.

At least 70 people may have died in a devastating series of tornadoes that passed through Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee Friday evening and Saturday morning. Violent phenomena led to a strong weather system accompanied by thunderstorms. So far, there have been reports of 30 tornadoes.

The level of damage is unlike anything I’ve seen in my life. We were sure we would lose more than 50 Kentuckians, and now I’m sure the number will exceed 70. In fact, it could be more than 100 before that day ends, Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir said at a Saturday morning news conference. He also said that 189 National Guard personnel had been deployed to assist the wounded. He also mentioned that the Kentucky hurricane spanned 365.3 square kilometers. Deaths were recorded in 10 provinces.

The losses are enormous, according to the Kentucky governor. – The reports from the disaster-affected places are heartbreaking – he said in an interview with local TV station WLKY.

A state of emergency has been imposed

Just before midnight, a decree was issued declaring a state of emergency. The most severe damage was recorded in Mayfield, in the western part of Kentucky.

On Saturday, Governor Andy Bashir said about 40 people were rescued from a tornado-ravaged Mayfield, Kentucky candle factory. There were 110 people in the factory during the item’s transition.

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“We doubt we could lose more of those,” the governor said. He added that about 56,000 residents do not have electricity across the state.

On Saturday, the US President ordered an immediate transfer of funds from federal resources to the places most affected by deadly hurricanes.

“Disaster devastation in Mayfield. Let’s pray for everyone here,” state senator Whitney Westerfield wrote on Twitter.

A series of hurricanes occurred in five US statesENEX

US President: This is an unimaginable tragedy

US President Joe Biden said on Twitter on Saturday that tornadoes that killed dozens of people in central states last night were an “unimaginable tragedy.” He added that he was constantly informed of the situation in the areas of the country affected by the disaster.

“We are working with state governors to make sure we have everything we need to find survivors,” he added.

It is also dangerous in other countries

At least one person was killed and five injured after a tornado struck Friday night local time at a nursing home in the small town of Monnett, Arkansas. At least 20 people were imprisoned at the facility. The rescue teams that arrived at Monet Manor spoke of the great devastation that had befallen the city.

There have been reports of a nursing home damaged in the nearby town of Truman. Firefighting, police and rescue teams went there. Hurricanes also occurred in parts of the Midwest, according to the Associated Press. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson tweeted about a tornado that hit Mississippi.

Due to storms in Edwardsville, Illinois, rescue teams intervened at the local Amazon warehouse, as the roof collapsed. There have been reports of deaths.

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Deaths also occurred in Tennessee. According to State Emergency Management Agency spokesman Dean Flair, three people have been confirmed dead.

The collapsed roof of the Amazon Edwardsville warehouseLawrence Bryant / Reuters / Forum

Issuing meteorological warnings

The US National Weather Service issued tornado warnings Friday night for areas in several states including Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois. Meteorologists assert that the phenomenon that appeared in Monet and transmitted to Mayfield was very long-lasting and very strong at this time of year. It covered a distance of 386 km.

“It was the longest running hurricane in recent U.S. history,” the Washington Post wrote.

In addition to hurricanes, storms bring strong winds and hail to the states. Damage was still reported on Saturday morning.

According to the forecast, the intensity of storms will gradually decrease. By Saturday evening, rain is expected over most of the eastern United States. In contrast, more intense storms may occur in the region extending from the Ohio and Tennessee valleys to the Gulf of Mexico. Stronger gusts of wind, hail and individual hurricanes are possible – weather forecasters warn.

Devastation after hurricanes in Tennessee

Devastation after hurricanes in TennesseeENEX