Barack Obama mocked Donald Trump At a rally in Florida on Tuesday the president’s complaints about the media’s close coverage of the national coronavirus crisis.

The 44th president recently abandoned traditional propriety, as a former president refrained from publicly criticizing his successor, and the forty-fifth president in recent speeches criticized his response to the coronavirus epidemic in particular.

At a rally in Orlando to consolidate support for his former deputy and now the Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe BidenObama took a tone that combined mockery at Trump and discontent.

Talk about the records you die from Corona virus in the United States Rhetorically, he asked the president: “What is his closing argument?” Just one week after the elections.

“People focus too much on Covid.” He said this at one of his rallies, “Covid, Covid, Covid,” while complaining. Obama said lightly as the audience laughed, “He is jealous of the media coverage of Covid.”

At a rally on Saturday in North Carolina, Trump did Say those words He complained that the media was paying close attention to the coronavirus, even when he claimed that record case numbers were exaggerated They reduce death rates.

Obama said: “If he had focused on COVID from the start, then cases wouldn’t reach record levels across the country this week, it wouldn’t be the second outbreak in a month.”

Staff serving for Vice President Mike Pence Come with CovidIt was revealed at the weekend, just a few weeks after Trump, his wife and youngest son were infected with the Corona virus and examined several prominent personalities. After the accident In the White House to nominate Amy Connie Barrett for the Supreme Court.

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Obama also tasted the White House with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows commenting on TV at the weekend that the administration was You will not control The epidemic.

Obama said, “Winter is coming. They are waving the white flag of surrender. Florida, we can’t afford another four years of this, and that’s why we have to send Joe Biden to the White House.”

Trump card chirp It was “no crowd, fake speech” and criticized Fox News for broadcasting it.

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