Two US states – Oklahoma and Texas – have experienced severe storms with rain and hail in recent days. In many places, the hailstones were the size of baseballs. Numerous recordings of this phenomenon have appeared on the Internet.

Residents of Oklahoma and Texas witnessed real cloud explosions. The American Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has recorded nearly 40 reports of a severe storm occurring overnight (Wednesday through Thursday) in cities such as San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City.

United States of America. Strong storm in the states of Oklahoma and Texas

The sudden interruption of weather in the United States resulted in storms, high winds and torrential rain. In some places, hailstones, which witnesses deemed to be “the size of baseballs,” had smashed car windows and perforated roofs.

– It was terrifying outside. We heard a loud noise, and the house shook from the hail strikes – a Tex resident said in an interview with CNN. She added, “The hailstones were very large and were hit so hard that they penetrated the metal surfaces and plates in many places.”

Local authorities in Oklahoma and Texas are currently estimating the losses from this sudden weather change.

“Yesterday’s hailstorm could be another weather disaster in the United States, with losses estimated at billions of dollars,” meteorologist Dave Henin told CNN.

He added that the torrential rain and hail hit large populated areas and caused damage to many properties. The storm clouds moved east on Thursday.

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Recently, 17 severe storms and eight hurricanes have passed in Texas. According to meteorologists, such weather during spring is a bad sign. Over the past 50 years, the number of tornadoes that hit this region of the United States every year has increased from 10 to 14.

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Source: CNN, TVN Meteo