On Sunday in Warsaw, NLE Choppa held his first Polish concert – at the end of the show, the rapper personally received a Popkiller figurine for Discovery of the Year 2020, which he won in 2021. An emotional post about this victory appeared on his profile.

NLE Choppa reacted so enthusiastically to last year’s award – he made a special video for the Popkillers party, in which he thanked fans for voting, regretted not being able to receive the award in person and promised to enjoy together on the European Tour. Also in recent announcements for the show, he requested that everyone who voted for him in Warsaw should appear in front of the stage. And at the end of the show, DJ Booker, who was playing Chupa, called on the stage Matthews Natalie of Popkiller, who handed the statuette to the rapper, who thanked the Polish audience for their support once again.

NLE Chupa: “This is my Grammy!”

Yesterday evening, on the Instagram account of NLE Choppy, followed by 5 million people, there was an entry explaining how important this award is to the rapper:

– I won the Discovery of the Year in Poland and received it yesterday at the concert. Winning the Ocean Award earlier than in the US is a crazy option. Maybe that’s God’s way of giving me an introduction to the Grammys. Thank you very much.

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In Choppy Instastory, we’ll also find a statuette awarding report where you can finally hear him say to his team members: “This is my Grammy!”.

Popkiller: “NLE Choppy’s reaction clearly shows it was worth it”

The whole situation was commented on by the Popkiller website: – From the very beginning, we read on the occasion of the Popkillers that it makes no sense for foreign classes – because they will not find out, how will they find out what they care that someone in Poland will give them a prize. NLE Choppy’s reaction clearly shows that it’s worth it. We would never expect such a reception, and this post left us in great shock, as did the Choppy team’s previous idea to give him the statuette on stage during the show.

NLE Choppa – A new wave of street rap

NLE Choppa is a 19-year-old rapper from Memphis and one of the most popular figures in the new wave of street rap. Despite his young age, he has already achieved a lot – at the age of sixteen he was awarded first platinum for the song “Shotta Flow”, his debut album “Top Shotta” covered himself in gold, and with the support of Warner Music he has already established his own brand, No Love Entertainment . In Warsaw, he sang as part of Summer in the Open Air organized by Winiary Bookings, before Smokepurpp performed his concert and was supported by Waima and Mattz Fresh.

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