“I can’t pretend nothing has changed and that I can play the band for you like I’ve played for years.” Written by Grzegorz Markowski. The musician said goodbye to Perfect due to his deteriorating health. Fans were not only surprised, but also the team that learned about her from Facebook.

Grzegorz Markowski has been associated with Perfect since the early 1980s. And he was the one who sang the band’s greatest hits, like “Nie cry Ewka,” “We want to be yourself,” “But it’s fun around,” “I can’t give you so much,” and finally, “The Autobiography.” The band was preparing for a summer farewell tour.If that happened, which is not certain although restrictions are eased, it will be without the legendary musician’s participation.

Grzegorz Markowski will not be taking the Perfect Farewell Tour due to health issues.

“I’d like to be myself.” Do you know how many times she sang it, how many times she shouted to you these words? For many years, many concerts, many moments together – Books in the introduction to say goodbye to the masses It was posted on his daughter Patricia Marcoska’s Facebook profile.

My whole life was perfect and it was … a perfectly fine life … and the word “I wish” is actually “I can be myself.” It’s always been important to me. On the one hand, it was a promise to himself, and on the other to you He completed.

Markovsky will explain that “nothing will be fine” without the fans. This is something I deeply believe. That’s why I’ve never given up on it. And I’m too old to change that – The musician admitted. Then he mentioned that he had promised a farewell tour with his band mates. – The prospect of doing something one last time is very tempting – He said. Unfortunately, the epidemic and the state of health frustrated his plans.

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We have postponed the concerts planned for more than year from month to month. We move and change, and most importantly, we don’t play or try together. And believe it or not – it’s very important. Without it, you can’t go out and go crazy. This is due to other things for my health, which have recently deteriorated. With a sad heart I want to apologize to you now, but I cannot pretend that nothing has changed and that I am able to play the band for you as I have played for years. I can’t play concerts that I know won’t be half of what they used to be. It is a very difficult decision for me.

Grzigors Markovsky

Finally, he wrote that he hoped to say goodbye to fans from the scene and not via Facebook.

Perfect is surprised that Markowski leaves, and fans are disappointed at the decision to tour without the legendary singer.

The post was posted on Patrycja Markowska’s website on Tuesday afternoon. A few hours later, the other musicians’ statement appeared on the band’s fan page. They wish him a speedy recovery, but were also surprised by the decision of the exemplary leader.

Nothing recently indicated such a sudden deterioration in the health of the singer. Perfect has always faced the task, on or off stage, and that’s how you want it to be remembered. So, in the face of Grzegorz Markowski’s statement, we’re playing more for GRZEGORZ! – They wrote.

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Which means they will not cancel their tour.

The tour organizer and team manager are already changing the format of the event. The ideal fans should be team friends and “super guests” (maybe one of the co-founders, Zbigniew Hołdys?).

Be with us until the end, Perfect has always been with you, in company, for martial law, in free Poland, even today, also in this difficult time where the epidemic affected so many of us. We plead with you, make the GAME FORE FOR GRZEGORZ concerts our common expression of solidarity with the victims of the pandemic. Grzegorz Markowski has always been and always will be perfect and if he decides his health will allow him to return to the stage and complete your farewell tour and end our shared adventure of Perfect together, the road to the perfect stage is always open to him.

Perfcet Team

However, lovers of perfection do not jump with joy. Most of the talking netizens claim a refund for tickets, so the band farewell tour without Grzegorz Markowski is under a big question mark. The situation on the team seems tense.

Farewell Tour Without Grzegorz, by Grzegorz … Do you really think someone would buy it? A complete disrespect for the singer and the fans. ”What a foolish slogan … >> by Grzegorz <<. You're doing something by force instead of just retrieving tickets and apologizing and starting something brand new when the pandemic is over. ”Hmmm, weird, the band is out of touch, talking to each other through data? I'm amazed that Grzegorz's statement was posted on his daughter's file, not on the band's website, and now the band is surprised by it. Has Grzegorz been consulted with the concert formula? – We read in the comments on the band’s profile.

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