As it describes CNNThe Joe Biden administration refused to allow journalists to independently verify conditions at US border guard facilities where hundreds of immigrants are being held. However, a group of congressmen entered the institutions. One of them, House Democrat Henry Cuellar, showed a photo of the USCBP in Donna, Texas. The photos show people crammed into boxes separated by tin foil. Some of them have masks on their faces, and it’s crowded everywhere. Many of the people in the picture are children or teenagers, and the Donna facility is not intended for minors.

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Ten years of civil war in Syria. Millions of refugees, massive devastation, and crisis deepened by the epidemic

A catastrophic situation at a facility in Texas. People are crammed into mattresses

CNN reports that 822 children have been detained in border guard posts in the past 10 days (through Sunday). The station confirms that the number of children staying in institutions for longer periods is increasing every day.

The television adds that USCBP announced the opening of a facility in Dona in early February. At that time, it was announced that this unit would be different from a typical border guard post – people who go there will be provided, among other things, separate places to eat and sleep. However, the administration is unable to handle the increased immigration, which makes the place overcrowded. As we read, the average detention time for unaccompanied children is currently 130 hours, with the legal limit of 72 hours. Meanwhile, CNN reported that the number of children in USCBP custody has decreased slightly to less than 4,900.

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White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki, a spokeswoman for the Texas Center, commented on the photos. She said, the photos “showed what was known for a long time that border police posts are not a place for children.” As she argued, the administration is focusing on creating new facilities by the Ministry of Health and Social Care.