Viktor YanukovychZ is suspected of organizing the illegal transportation of people across the Ukrainian state border in 2014, he told Prosecutor’s Office.

On February 23, 2014, the former President of Ukraine, jointly with the staff Ministry of State Protection and actors from the Russian FederationOn the outskirts of the village Ursov And in the Donetsk region, he illegally crossed the border and transported at least 20 people using three helicopters of the Russian Armed Forces. ”

As added, the preparatory investigation is ongoing and is being conducted by investigators from State Investigation Office.

As UNIAN reported, Ukrainian investigators learned of an incident in 2018, when a witness at the trial for treason against Yanukovych told the court about how the former President of Ukraine so called Euromaidans in 2014 He secretly left his place of residence and went to Russia.

It is not known where the ex-president of Ukraine currently resides. In March, Ukrinform news agency quoted media reports on the presence of Yanukovych Minsk in Belarus.

Viktor Yanukovych served as President of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014, when he was removed from office during the Maidan protests. Protests broke out after Yanukovych refused Ukraine-European Partnership AgreementWhich was supposed to bring Ukraine closer to the European Union and away from Russia.

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