Fox News is under fire for a promotional video in which opinion hosts echo the unfounded claims of Donald Trump about the presidential election, which he lost to it. Joe Biden But he refuses to compromise.

“Oh my God,” Andrew Lawrence The media is important to America, A liberal media watchdog group, wrote on Twitter. “Fox is making a promotion for their” opinion “hosts questioning the election results and I think they are trying to keep their frantic viewers in check.

In the short video, the announcer introduces the montage of “The Voices That America Trusts”. First, Laura Ingraham says: “These legal efforts are crucial.”

This is a reference to cases that Trump aides have set up in major battlefield states, where they have claimed without significant evidence of voter fraud and ballot irregularities and are seeking to nullify the results through recounts. Such efforts have had little success, and experts say their failure is almost guaranteed. Trump received more than 5 million votes in the popular vote and lost the Electoral College to Biden by 306-232, the same result he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, in what he claimed was a landslide victory.

In a Fox News video, Tucker Carlson appears next.

“There are clear violations,” he says.

“The mob media, and DemocratsSays Sean Hannity.

“Speak on your behalf, and the issues that matter most to people,” the broadcaster says.

Steve Dossi of Fox & Friends, Trump’s favorite morning show, says, in effect, referring to an election fact: Trump has attracted the most votes of any president in office, a crushing defeat, and that. Republicans It made gains statewide and in the U.S. House of Representatives and appears likely to retain control of the Senate.

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“You’ll see something bigger than Trump in 2022 and 2024,” says Gregg Gutfield, referring to the upcoming election years.

“The truth has to come out,” says Ingraham.

“Can we speak freely, again, can we take back America?” Carlson asks.

“We the people deserve the best,” Hannity says.

The broadcaster says “Fox News.” “America is watching.”

Andrew Lawrence

Oh my God, Fox is making a promotion for “opinion” hosts questioning the election results and I think they’re trying to keep their mad viewers in check. Lmao

November 14, 2020

CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote that the Fox News video “appears to be part of an effort to keep its bleeding audience – an audience that refuses to believe reality, in large part because Fox has pushed millions to distrust reliable news sources.”

These conspiracy theories have crossed into Fox’s “live” news operation since Biden’s election was announced last week. Four days after calling the result, She said media matters, Fox News “casts doubt on conspiracy theories about the election results or pushed them at least 255 times. A review by Media Matters found 111 such claims in Fox’s” live news “programs and 144 allegations in network opinion shows.

“Where are the adults in Fox?” Darcy asked. “Why don’t they control their talents?” Well, this ad explains: Executives Approves Their talents act the way they have. In fact, they are very proud of the undemocratic comment, and are happy to feature it in an advertisement. They really don’t have any shame. “