Arrest of a woman suspected of sending parcels to Donald Trump

The president has also challenged Democrats to impeach him again if they object to his efforts to speed up the appointment of a new governor in the nation’s highest court ahead of Election Day on Nov.3, a topic that has already sparked public outrage since Ginsburg’s death from cancer. on Friday.

Trump also used his raucous speech to spread new conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and promised that the country “is approaching the Corona virus,” as the number of deaths in the country reached 200,000.

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Trump on Democrat fundraising: ‘We have a lot of money, too’

With news that the Biden camp raised $ 466 million last month in exchange for $ 325 million for Trump, the president insists he is not worried.

He continues to express his “shock” that Biden chose Kamala Harris after she criticized in a Democrat debate before praising how her name was pronounced (“Kamala … like the comma, she said”).

Joe SomeraldSeptember 21, 2020 14:02


The President says China has “lied” about the Coronavirus

Beijing, he adds, cannot have more engagement with TikTok if it were to remain available in the US.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 21, 2020 13:54


Joe SomeraldSeptember 21, 2020 13:44


The president accuses the media of feeding Biden easy questions via the Teleprompter

Here’s Trump spreading conspiracy theories about his rival once again, apparently to lay the groundwork for opposing any upcoming debate he might suffer.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 21, 2020 13:38


Trump says ‘we’re close to the corner on the pandemic’

With 200,000 people nearing the death of the Covid-19 virus, the president still insists his administration has done “an exceptional job.”

He reiterates his highly vague claim that the vaccine will be ready “perhaps by the end of October” and is elated that many European countries, including Britain, France and Spain, are now exposed to second waves of the virus.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 21, 2020 13:30


Trump speculates that RBG’s deathbed wish was written by Democrats

This is untrue and at the same time bad taste.

Here is the story of Chris Ryota.

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The president says he will announce the alternative RBG candidate on Friday or Saturday

His press secretary Kylie McNani suggested this may come as early as Wednesday earlier but that isn’t much better.

About potential candidate Barbara Lagoa, he presents this:

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Trump jokes about Fox’s Supreme Court nomination for Ainsley Earhard

The President – in low energy setting – is praising the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg in an unremarkable way …


Trump speaks on Fox and Friends soon

It’s very hard to feel any way other than this now about the sentence above …

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“F *** black lives!” Trump supporters shout “white power” in the motorcade

Ahead of another rally for the president’s re-election in North Carolina on Saturday, a convoy of 200 cars of far-right extremists supporting him drove through Elon Township, chanting racist phrases and telling an academic holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign: “No, they don’t, b *** H! Go home c ***.

The group, Alamans County that recaptures Alamans County, has been designated as the “New Confederation” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 21, 2020 11:43