• According to the newspaper “Bild”, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer supported the demands of the federal police to re-impose temporary controls on the border with Poland in the face of the sharp increase in the number of migrants coming to Germany by road from Belarus. across Poland
  • This matter will be dealt with by the German government as early as next Wednesday, and Seehofer wants to make a decision quickly
  • Last week, the minister spoke with federal police chiefs about the possibility of reimposing border controls, Bild reported on its website.
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German government spokesman Stephen Seibert confirmed on Monday that the government was “looking at next steps” on the border situation, and Seehofer was expected to present “options for action” on Wednesday. Seibert mentioned, inter alia, an extensive search for smugglers. At the moment, further steps are being agreed to prevent illegal immigration, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Interior said, but she did not give details. According to her, from 4.5 thousand August. A person who entered Germany illegally across the border with Poland.

Dramatic Police Call

As Bild reports, Seehofer’s initiative is a reaction to a sensational letter from the head of the Federal Police Union, Heiko Tegatz, who wrote that for several months the number of migrants intercepted at the border “almost exploded.” He estimated that only by imposing temporary border controls would the government be able to avoid a “collapse” at the border, as happened in 2015.

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He notes that at present, there are as many cases of illegal crossing at the Polish-German border as there were in 2013 on the border with Austria. The unionist complains about the heavy workload of the officers, as well as the danger to their health.

“The health of our colleagues is also very poor, because SARS-COv-2 infections, especially in the countries of origin of migrants (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.) are still numerous and are rarely recorded by the authorities – writes Teggatz in a letter transmitted by Bild. He adds that It is clear that the hygiene rules in force in Germany and other European countries are not followed while smuggling migrants.

In his letter, Tiggatz admits that the problem cannot be solved with temporary border controls, because the fact remains that “dictator Alexander Lukashenka, by regulating human smuggling at the state level, responds to EU sanctions.” “Europe cannot get into such games,” says Tegates.

Lukashenka wine

German authorities and commentators stress Lukashenka’s responsibility for the smuggling of migrants and the current situation on the eastern border of the European Union. Germany’s top diplomat, Heiko Mas Lukashenka, described him as “the leader of the state’s people-smuggling gang” that uses migrants as a tool to put pressure on the European Union.

Maas indicated that the European Union will take action against air carriers involved in smuggling migrants from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Iran to Belarus, from where they are then taken to the borders with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. “We don’t want to look further at the fact that there are companies like airlines that are still making profits,” Maas said on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg. In his opinion, sanctions are needed to show that the Federation does not accept such measures. According to unofficial information, sanctions can affect, for example, the Belarusian airline Belavia.

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Poland protects its borders

Alexander Graf Lampsdorff, a liberal FDP politician, asserted on Monday in an interview with ZDF TV that “Lukashenko is artificially producing the migration crisis” and it is understood that Poland is protecting its borders. – He said that what Poland is doing is protecting the borders of the European Union. – The government in Belarus calls these people (immigrants), takes them on a plane to Minsk. They are, in a way, guests of the government. He added that there was no legal reason for them to cross the border.

But Lampsdorf accused the Polish authorities of a lack of transparency in their activities. – The Poles keep everything secret, which of course leads to speculation about what is going on there. That’s not good, Lampsdorf said. He noted that in Lithuania, unlike Poland, journalists, the European border agency Frontex and European Commission monitors have access to the area on the border with Belarus. In turn, the Polish government conducted a state of emergency in the border area, which was associated with appropriate restrictions.

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