image source,Office of the Canadian Prime Minister/Reuters

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Trudeau (center left) and Xi Jinping (center right) spoke briefly for 10 minutes the day before the scolding incident, and the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office released the news and photos afterward.

During the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, Chinese President Xi Jinping publicly criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for leaking the content of their conversation to the media. Video reporters captured and showed the process.

The conversation took place at an event on Wednesday (November 16). Xi Jinping accused Trudeau of insincerity through an interpreter, possibly because the Canadian side revealed that the two had discussed the Canadian side’s accusation that Chinese intelligence agents were suspected of meddling in the Canadian elections the day before.

The short conversation between Trudeau and Xi Jinping on Tuesday (15) was the first face-to-face conversation between the two in many years, and there were no media journalists present at the time.

The video of the exchange of words on Wednesday, which is traditionally treated with great sternness by Chinese state media, revealed a rare side to Mr. Xi.

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