The United Kingdom has become a third country within the meaning of European Union law, thus major changes have taken place for people traveling between the two parties. It should be taken into account when planning a trip to this country – notes Marius Wieczowski, head of the Polish office of car insurance companies, who mentions some changes related to a trip to the UK by car.

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You will need a passport

Effective 1 October 2021, when traveling to the United Kingdom, you will need a passport, the validity of which at the time of controlling the borders of that country (in the case of air travel upon check-in) may not be less than six months. from that day Travel and border crossing on the basis of an ID card will not be possible.

To travel to the UK and drive to the UK by carA driver’s license issued in an EU member state will be sufficient, but unlike Poland, you must have a valid vehicle registration certificate with you.

When coming to the UK for purposes other than tourism, it is essential to re-register the vehicle without undue delay from the moment it crosses the border and obtain third-party liability insurance in a local insurance company. Failure to fulfill these obligations will result in the vehicle being confiscated, its physical destruction, and a fine required.

Green Card required

According to the Transfer Directive, the vehicle is transported between the EEA countries on the basis of registering the vehicle in one of the member states and third-party liability insurance for the vehicle contained in it. From 1 January 2021, it is recommended to carry a valid green card certificate when traveling to the UK Issued on the car we drive – to report to the Polish car insurance office. The certificate can be obtained from your motor liability insurance company.

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This rule also applies to citizens of the United Kingdom and residents who wish to enter the European Economic Area. They must obtain adequate insurance with one of the insurance companies operating in Great Britain.

How about the bump?

After a collision in Great Britain, the injured party may report damage to the perpetrator’s civil liability insurance in the country of the accident. It is best to determine the details of the case immediately after the event.

If the culprit is not insured, the damage may be reported to the security fund in the country of the accident. The scope and amount of compensation depends on the regulations in force in the event of an accident.

If the collision was caused by a perpetrator from outside the UK (for example from Poland), in addition to completing and signing a traffic accident declaration, he must also provide his green card details (series, number, company name, period of insurance). The aggrieved party must report the damage to the national office of the country of the accident or report the damage directly to the third-party liability insurance for the perpetrator.