The prophecy, according to the fact that the world is about to face a new war, comes from the book “Yalkut Yishayau”. Although published in & nbsp1939, the author argued that it is based on “Yalkut Shimoni,” a thirteenth-century collection of Jewish commentaries of the Bible.

Prophecy from Yalkut Yishayau. The world is waiting for another war?

According to the Daily Star, there will be a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, according to the prediction. It is said to be occurring even before the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States is involved in the conflict between the two countries. As a result, a global struggle will begin – according to the prophecy – which will bring to the world “great conflict and darkness”. The negative effects of the war will be felt strongly by Israel.

And the king of Persia provokes the king of Arabia, and the king of Arabia goes to Edom to consult them. And the king of Persia will go and destroy the whole world, and all the countries of the world will tremble and fall in & nbsppanic, and fall on their faces and experience contractions as in childbirth, and Israel will tremble and will fall, and fall fall? – & nb Sets a Daily Star prophecy.


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