Riot Games is talking about a League of Legends client.

Almost every LoL player has encountered a customer-related bug in the past. This is not unusual, as Riot itself admitted that in update 10.25, the community in 16 regions encountered more than 2 million accidents.

However, the work on the client is ongoing and the developers are still trying to improve it. What have they been able to achieve in 2020 and what is the plan for 2021?

the work is done

Almost a year ago, Riot Games officially informed fans that work is underway to improve League of Legends client performance. An article has now been published on activities to date and future plans.

Players first listened and started fixing frequently reported issues:

  • Conducting a global customer survey among players to help us decide what to work on. Most of the achievements shown below meet the expectations expressed by the players.
  • Reduce boot time (startCustomer to 16 seconds for 90% of global players (from 29.5 seconds early 2020).
    • This was achieved through work on the architecture, including a 63% reduction in ember bootstrap implementations (those loaded at client startup) and a 57% reduction in client plugins. In other words, we cleaned most of the code.
  • Improves responsiveness and reliability when picking and blocking champion selection.
    • Corrected performance issues when eliminating Champions, and improved Champion identification grid itself.
    • Check the usefulness of individual jobs for the hero selection stage. A more detailed discussion of this topic can be found below.
    • Hero approval and ban time reduced.
    • Fixed a memory leak caused by the hero selection program (shown below).
  • Completely resolved the client lock issue and showing a black screen when players return to the client directly from the post-game screen (when the game ends).
  • Fixed an issue where the client would stop after game terminating the “resume connection” button that should never appear on the screen after a match.
  • In 2020, 175 errors were fixed, ranging from the little things to issues that were in the customer “forever”.
    • Player names appear in the chat as “…”.
    • Toolbar not lit after receiving a chat message.
    • New players not appearing on the community board.
    • Reset settings when the player logs in from another computer.
    • Gift notifications are repeated when logged in.
    • Returns to the home page black screen after performing various actions on the client.
  • Improved responsiveness of the group tab and all its subsections.
  • Playback screen load time decreased by 40%, smoother interface improved and improved reliability of use.
  • Remove 30 memory leaks across the client. It was a particularly challenging area, which we only discovered at the end of the year, so we’re glad to be able to make some improvements before the vacation.
    • Memory leaks occur when some programs do not empty memory after completing their tasks. As a result, less memory remains for other programs running on the system. Overlapping these effects always causes problems, and the causes, you think, are hard to pin down, especially in large applications.
    • Before the first memory leak seal in Patch 10.23, players in riot control areas had 193,000 memory crashes on each patch. In the latest update for 2020 patch 10.25 we registered 55% decrease This kind of failure.
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Instead of removing the used options a bit in the Champ Select window, you may decide to improve them.

We have already fixed an issue with emotions and are currently working to ensure that favorites and missions are working as intended.

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Work in plans

Despite the fact that Riot is currently implementing a plan for the first quarter of this year, future work has been announced. List the following problems to solve:

  • Problems connecting to the community board.
  • Problems loading friends list, displaying wrong status, and filling in friend list.
  • When the buddy list is full, players will not receive friend requests.
  • Rating information disappears from the player’s card during normal play.
  • Chat gets stuck when writing and sending messages quickly.
  • The folders themselves change the setting between game sessions.
  • LoR and Valorant folders disappear when sorting by Groups and Servers.
  • The text boxes are nested when you click on “Show dates” in the chat field.
  • Friend request notifications appear when the option is turned off and vice versa.

We’ll also drop the Javascript syntax (more on that in a moment) and pass the entire community board to members. This change is a good opportunity to review and clean up problem areas in your code to improve reliability and fix some bugs.

Two new priority areas were also introduced to improve the stability of Al League customers:

  • Reduce breakdown In Patch 10.25, players in 16 Riot Zones encountered 2.2 million accidents. On initial recognition, it appears that the best way to fix most of these issues is to upgrade Chromium to a higher version. This browser is at the heart of the League client architecture.
  • Reduce JavaScript errors – At 10.25, players in 16 Riot Zones encountered 36 million client JavaScript errors. While not all of these errors result in malfunctions or degradation in performance, remember that even imperceptible errors can build up and ultimately lead to problems. Decreasing this number will improve the performance of many customer components.
  • Continue to plug the memory leak – Fixing some of them was our big success last year. This year we also want to be very successful.
  • More engineering work to clean up the code To update Chromium, as we mentioned above, we need to complete a lot of initial work that will improve the customer experience themselves. We intend to complete this work and begin updating Chromium at the end of H1.
    • We last updated Chromium in December 2019, a few months before our customer cleanup campaign started. Then the update yielded good results (CTRL + F Chromium). We will provide a list of expected improvements as we approach the start of this event.
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