This is the last but very exciting competition in the Tokyo Olympics. Sweden turned out to be the best in the qualifiers for the equestrian showjumping competition.

Krzysztof Sędzicki

Daniel Dewser for Killer Queen

PAP/EPA/Michael Reynolds/Pictured: Daniel Deusser on a Killer Queen . horse

The title was defended five years ago by France, which in Rio de Janeiro outperformed the United States and Germany. All of these teams qualified for this year’s competition final in Tokyo, but only the latter was on top.

Sweden won qualification on Friday. Henrik von Eckermann on King Edward, Malin Baryard-Johnson on Indiana, and Peder Fredricson on All Ina both went clean, meaning they were within the 82-second time frame and did not eliminate an obstacle. Thanks to this, they did not receive penalty points.

The Germans and the Belgians came in second. Both teams received four penalty points for exceeding the time limit. Switzerland, the United States, France, Great Britain, Brazil, the Netherlands and Argentina also qualified for the top ten.

The finals will take place on Saturday at 12:00 Poland time. The Poles did not start.

Elimination results for team jumping competition – entered the finals:

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