In the semi-finals on Friday, Matteo Berrettini beat Hubert Hurkacz 6:3, 6:0, 6:7, 6:4. The Italian media was particularly pleased with the impressive performance of the tennis player, who is the first Italian to enter the Wimbledon final, where he will face Novak Djokovic .

Tuttosport daily noted that the defining moment of the meeting with Hurkacz was a break in the first set. “Berrettini from 2:3 won four more matches and the whole first set. The Pole could not get rid of it and also lost the second match 0:6 in just 23 minutes” – it was written.

After Berrettini lost his third set, “Italy opened the next match by making a big advance and retaining the lead until the end.”

Tuttosport also announced that Bertini’s match with Hurkac was watched by the entire Italian team, in preparation for the Euro 2020 final on Sunday with England at Wembley. After the meeting on social media, coach Roberto Mancini indicated the victory of his compatriot. “Congratulations to Matteo Berrettini! Let’s all have fun at Wimbledon and Wembley on Sunday!” Mancini Books.

Hubert Hurcacz stunned the world at Wimbledon. ‘No one expects’

‘Crush his opponent from the start’

La Gazzetta dello Sport noted that “Horkach, who was described by Martina Navratilova as the favorite in this match, eliminated Medvedev and Federer in the early stages of the tournament.” “But Brittney was crushing his opponent from the start, one shot after another,” he added.

Hurkacz had apnea in the second set. He went down to lose up to 10 games in a row. The Roman gave him a tennis ‘cake’ [w żargonie tenisowym tak się mówi na wygranie seta do zera – red.], revenge for Federer, with whom Hubert also won in the quarter-finals. The pole was unable to respond. His coach indicated him to de-stress and succeed in the third set. He was more solid and led to a tie-breaker, which he won to 3 and cut losses” – it was reported on Friday’s meeting.

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“However, Berrettini started his fourth match at full speed and immediately broke Hurkacz’s serve. He kept his lead to the end, wrote tennis history, and became the first Italian in a Wimbledon final. Happy Sunday, Matteo!” – The journalists of one of the most famous sports daily newspapers in Europe concluded.

Ega Švetik and Hubert HurkaczIga Świątek wrote a letter to Hubert Hurkacz. Reply

“I have no words, I’m so happy”

Gazzetta also cites that Friday’s winner wrote a great class for Italian men’s tennis. – I really don’t have words. This is wonderful. I am so glad it was my dream. Now here I am in the final. This is my first Wimbledon final, my first Grand Slam final. I want to enjoy it every second, but I know my options very well. I don’t intend to stop when going to the final and I know I can do it – Berrettini said after the semi-finals.

In the third set I couldn’t win, but I knew I deserved to win. I said to myself, “Come on, you have to do this!” and gone! The happy Italian tennis player continued.

Sunday, a truly Italian Sunday in London. First, at 3pm Poland time, Matteo Berrettini will face Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final, and six hours later at Wembley, the Italians will face England for the European Football Championship.

“I recommend everyone to buy a nice TV because I think it’s going to be a great day,” Berrettini concluded.

“Brettini, you are a legend!”

Corriere dello Sport wrote that the Berrettini semi-final against Hurkac was “the first Italian semi-final at Wimbledon since 1960 when Nicola Petrangelli lost to Rod Laver”. “Now Brittany is making history. He is in the final and he will face Djokovic.”

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“Hurkacz tried to resist, but Berrettini dominated the match, thanks mainly to his killer serve (22 aces)” – concluded Friday’s meeting.

“L’Equipe” deciphering the myths of Horkaz? The world media criticizes the pole. ‘It looked like a scarecrow’ described the Italian semi-final match with the pole in very bright colors.

“He is” Mr. Hammer “of Matteo Berrettini, who gave himself a dream, the final of the most important tournament in the world, for which tennis was born. Dreams sometimes come true. It happens when you can perfectly combine talent, vision, work, quality and also moral, physical and technical qualities. When You have the mental strength and heart to pursue this dream entirely by yourself. When you believe in it, you surround yourself with the right people and have the patience to carry out the project even in difficult times to achieve your dream goal.”

Hurkacz felt his opponent’s strength and power. He saw in front of him a real wall. A very strong and confident opponent. Strong, impossible to move. Game It made Mathieu Pole feel nervous and doubtful. When he missed his chances in the first set, something happened to his game. This is largely due to the well-served and well-retouched Italians. Hurkacz was “closed” (…) Berrettini created a masterpiece. He made his opponent feel he would never break his serve, and he was constantly changing the pace of his deals. He did not hit the same thing twice ”- it was said.

“Mathew was confident, brave and attentive throughout the match. He lost the third set with a single mistake that broke the tie. It cost him a lot, but the hero’s strength lies in keeping such a huge mistake in his head. Mathieu quickly canceled it out and showed an amazing reaction, perfectly starting the set The following ”- added Italian journalists.

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“Great Britain fell in love with this beautiful Italian boy, a wonderful man and a true master” – summed up the Italian portal.

It is worth noting that Matteo Berrettini, for the first time in his career, qualified for a Grand Slam final, and for Hubert Hurkacz it was the first semi-final of such an event. So far, Pole has reached the third round of this tournament at the latest.