Of course, it can always be better, but there is nothing to worry about. Those are dozens of medals, as far as I know, because I’m writing these words after the four girls’ bronzes in rowing and before our athletes set off on Saturday, more than we can realistically assume before the Olympics. If someone thinks otherwise, it means that he does not closely follow what is happening in the world of sports and does not know how much attention the world powers and all other countries, even the smallest, pay to the start of the Olympic Games. Because if anyone cares about such Kosovo, if not for two golds in the early days of the Olympics. By the way, the discrepancy in the medal rating is that these two golds place Kosovo higher than Ukraine, which already has 14 discs of all three colors, but only one gold. In short, everyone is fighting for something in the Olympics. China to be the best in the world and win with the United States and Great Britain to be the best in Europe and win with Russia, Kosovo, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Lithuania, Moldova, it even exists. So each medal must be torn, pulled and exhausted in a fierce battle with other comers. More respect to our athletes, not only to the medalists, but also to those who missed the podium by points, tenths or even milliseconds. And there was such. These fourth, fifth and sixth positions not only hurt the athletes, but all of us, because the job was done and no one left anything out, but it failed. Then we have in our eyes tears of regret, disappointment, injustice of fate, and a feeling of not being supported by God Almighty.

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Tokyo 2020 – Join us at the Olympic Games! Check

Anyway, crying became the hallmark of our representation at these Olympics from the start. It started with Iga Švetik, who, it is not clear why, burdened with the ambitions of the entire nation, quickly finished her start at the Olympics, and could not survive for long crying on the field after the match was over. Our volleyball players were crying like beavers after losing the quarter-final against the French, although Vital Heinen should have lamented to heaven above all, because he was the one who collapsed this tournament, not expecting Michau Kubik to stress and waste our huge volleyball potential with full. Semeniuk on the head. Marcin Lewandowski cried, because although he was in the shape of his life, the injury robbed him of his chance to fight for a medal. Silver spear-thrower Maria Andrichik was crying, but not out of regret for the lost gold. She burst into tears in front of the camera when a Eurosport reporter showed her a video showing how she was cheering for a medal in her hometown, at her school. Our bronze wrestler Tadeusz Michalik was in tears at Warsaw Airport, greeted by his family and fans. Anita and Darshik wept in the TV interview, dedicating the gold she earned after a serious injury to both those who believed in her and those who didn’t.

There were many such tears. Tears of joy but tears of despair. Crying tears, measured in minutes to hours. in Tokyo and Poland. Tears that restore faith in man that not everything and not everywhere is governed by money and the desire for profit. That there is such a region, and that there is a space in our lives where – as John Lennon sang in the unofficial game hymn “Imagine” – all men are brothers and the world is only one. Because these games were for everyone. And while they only lasted ten days or so, I’m sure we’ll be missing them a lot starting Monday.

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Marian Kmita