In the afternoon session during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, three field hockey matches were played as part of the men’s group two field hockey tournament. The Belgians achieved a lofty victory and confirmed their form.

Michel Gazewski

Michel Gazewski

Belgium and South Africa match

Getty Images / Pictured: Belgium vs South Africa

The second group struggle began with the match between Germany and Great Britain. Before the match, the British had a full set of points and it was the team player, Philip Roper, who scored the first goal in the eighth minute. But later, there were only Germans on the field who won 5: 1. Florian Fox scored three goals for the winners.

The big win with five goals, as expected, came from the undefeated Belgians, as Alexander Hendrix scored a hat-trick against South Africa. At the end of the competition, the Netherlands won their second match in the tournament. The team that finished fourth at the Olympics five years ago defeated Canada 4:2.

The results of the men’s hockey group B matches today, Tuesday:

group b

Germany – Great Britain 5:1 (Fuchs 3, Weigand 1, Ruhr 1)

Belgium – RPA 9:4 (Hendrickx 3, Dohmen 2, van Doren 1, Charlier 1, Gougnard 1, Briels 1 – ADCassiem 2, Ntuli 1, M.Cassiem 1)

Hollandia – Kanada 4: 2 (Baker 1, Projser 1, De Mol 1, Brinkmann 1 – Wallace 1, Pearson 1)


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