Dawid Tumala gained a huge advantage over his rivals and finished his 50km run with a time of 3:50.08. The 31-year-old from Tychy competed in the Olympics for the second time, but he usually competed in the 20 km competition.

Tomala, who won this competition, noted the successes of Olympic champion Robert Korzeniowski.

No one expected such a scenario before the start of the 50-kilometre march. I think David himself did not dare to dream of it. I put him in the top eight, but I didn’t put him in the shortlist. After all, he has very mediocre experience at this distance, all of which are very difficult. Decisions are made intuitively. There was also the climate factor. All this made us conservative, which I expressed in my comment on the competition – Eurosport expert Korzeniowski said during the Tokyo Olympics.

The success of Tomala turned out to be the most significant in gaming history. In this way, Poland won its fourth gold in the 50-kilometre walk – and no one won more (Korzinovsky was the Olympic champion in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens; he won the fourth gold in the 20-kilometre walk in Sydney).

The United Kingdom is second in the unofficial ranking of all-time Olympic walkers, winning three gold, one silver and one bronze. The Italians are in third place – three gold and three bronze.