The British government announced that it has imposed sanctions on more Russians and Belarusians who support the invasion of Ukraine. Celebrity athletes are among those who get punished.

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Nikita Mazepin

Press materials / Hass / Pictured: Nikita Mazepin

The Russian invasion of Ukraine outraged the entire world. Due to the ongoing hostilities, a number of sanctions were imposed on the Russians. These apply not only to economics and politics, but also to sports. It was decided, inter alia, on the exclusion of the football team from the World Cup and the withdrawal of Russia from the right to organize the Volleyball World Cup.

In addition, Russian athletes are excluded from international events. The British government went a step further and imposed sanctions on three famous players. We are talking about Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin, biathlon driver Anton Zebulin and boxer Nikolai Valuev. The latter two have already ended their careers.

In addition, the punishment was imposed on Nikita Mazepin’s father, Dmitry. The four are banned from traveling to the UK, and their assets have also been frozen. They joined nearly 1,400 people who were subject to similar restrictions.

Mazepin still competed in Formula 1 last season, but after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he was eliminated from the competition. Valuev is one of the best heavyweight boxers in Russia and a former world champion. In turn, Szipulin is the gold medalist of the Olympic Games. They both started politics after their careers.

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The list published by the British Foreign Office includes “President Vladimir Putin’s political allies and propagandists”. – We hit the closest to Putin. Minister Liz Truss said, from the main oligarch to the preachers who spread his lies and misinformation.

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