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Cult XP and the “Millennium Bug”. Here are the best and worst versions of Windows [TOPtech]

Each new version of the operating system from Microsoft causes mixed reactions among Windows users. Some of the system is looking forward to it, others just the opposite – they are afraid to install it and prefer to get to know it better beforehand.

The solution for people who want to get acquainted with Windows 11 beforehand is the Insider Preview test release for participants in the Windows Insider Program, that is, testers. Unfortunately, installing an unstable system is a lot of fun and is intended for people who know how to “put” a fresh Windows operating system.

Windows 11 can be seen in the browser

Now, for people who want to see the new system as soon as possible (and the graphics on the web are not enough for them), a “browser” version of Windows 11 has been created. Of course, this is not complete – a stock version of “Windows” is available on the web, But it’s a simple version created by a fan “simulator”, which shows what Microsoft’s latest operating system will look like. We will find him in this place.

The whole thing is quite difficult, but it allows you to get to know the system better. allow:in a. To get into the completely reconfigured Start menu, open a tab with the latest information from the world, the notification panel, the calendar, the Microsoft Store, or view all the applications available in the system. However, most of them are impossible to open, enter system settings or file explorer.

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So, if you want to see for yourself what the user interface would look like and see if the center Start menu button fits, this simple emulator can help you.

If you want to thoroughly test “Eleven” before making it available to the general public, you’ll need to install Windows 11 Insider Preview. However, it is worth being careful here, because – as Microsoft recently warned – subsequent beta versions of the system should be unstable.