– We want everyone who passes the new T-Mobile store in Pozna at ul. Piątkowska 116, they just wanted to get into it and see our offer – says the operator about the project.

Deutsche Telekom supported the opening of the T-Mobile Polska showroom in Poznan. – Together, we have created the newest T-Mobile store in Poland – as stated in the ad.

.Eco-accents in the T-Mobile showroom

The entire store area is approximately 160 square meters, including more than 110 square meters per sales room, divided into 3 areas with appropriately matched displays. There is a space with a wide range of products for individual customers, a separate space for business customers and a corner with solutions for the home (smart home).

There will also be display areas and multimedia tables for co-working. The operator will present the devices on display, such as the latest phones, laptops, watches, and scooters.

The newly opened living room has modern furniture, and the lighting is provided by Tom Dixon lamps.

T-Mobile emphasizes that it hasn’t forgotten about the environment, so in the new living room you can see a wall, a so-called green wall with live plants that provide an extra dose of fresh air. In addition, the space is finished with 100% flooring. Recycled, the ceiling is not developed to ensure the best air circulation, and the walls are painted with a special hypoallergenic anthracite paint.

At the end of June this year. T-Mobile had 11.29 million customers. The operator’s revenue amounted to 1.58 billion PLN.

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