Ukrainian media reported that thousands of volunteers and reservists are waiting in lines in different regions of Ukraine to volunteer to defend the country.

It’s the second day in Zakarpattia region Crowds of volunteers join the regional defense forces.

I cant sit at home. I’ve been walking for the third day. First, I wanted to be a contract service, but age is no longer the case. I signed up for Territorial Defense – One of the volunteers quotes from the portal.

One woman justifies informing territorial defense in a similar way. I can’t sit at home, I want to be useful in some way – She said.

The head of the Regional Center for Supplements and Social Support, Andrei Akimov, said that people aged 35-40 years report most often, and the procedure is simplified as much as possible: you only need a passport and an identification code. Everyone who registers will receive a uniform and a pistol.

There are also huge queues in Lviv. As Radio Swoboda writes, many men, as well as women, have military experience, and often these are groups of people who know each other and have walked the path of battle together.

Reservists are also advancing. This is not the first for me. In the years 2014-15 I was in the Luhansk region. They called me and I came here in two hours (…) We will help our boys, I have a lot of friends there. It may not end soon One of the men told the radio.

In different places in Lviv, items for people coming from other regions are also collected: quilts, sleeping bags, mats, mattresses, clothes, hygiene products for children and adults, towels and kitchen utensils.

Thousands of volunteers also come to other regions, for example in the Żytomierz region.

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