Anna Szustak from Inowrocław will be featured in the fifth edition of “Ninja Warrior Polska”, a very exciting and popular program broadcast on Polsat TV. Her son stimulated her to participate in the show! He is a big fan of the show. As we learn, the boy runs his own obstacle course each day, playing scenes from the show.

In Kruszwica, a group of three Inowrocław robbed a detergent shop. Watch the video:

The new season of “Ninja Warrior Polska” begins on March 1. We will be able to watch very exciting episodes every Tuesday, on May 20th in Polsat. One of them will feature Anna Szostak from Inowrocław.

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A 32-year-old woman from Inowrocław runs her own company that deals with photography and photo post production and organizes training in this field. He studies at the University of Physical Education in the field of acrobatics. Moreover, he trains pole dance in a sporty and artistic way. As we found out, her son motivated her to participate in the show! He is a big fan of the show. The boy runs his own obstacle course every day, playing scenes from the program.

In the game “Ninja Warrior”, competitors have to overcome a unique path with dozens of obstacles, and test different types of physical skills.

Ahead of us is pure sport and the mighty fighting spirit – announces Jerzy Mielewski, “Ninja Warrior Polska” commentator.

This one-of-a-kind show not only provides the viewers with entertainment, but also the unique sports sentiment.

“Ninja Warrior Polska” is a new experience for me – Although I’ve been a sports journalist for over 20 years! – Jerzy Milewski, commentator on the program, admits. – I have lived through the successes of athletes vying for medals in the biggest events. I knew here that amateur athletes would come. I quickly discovered that I found the same feelings.