Turkish drones are very much appreciated by Ukraine, which is defending itself against Russia, where a song praising the equipment has already been created. One version of the song performed by Ukrainian soldiers also appeared in the video.

Since the beginning of the invasion, according to Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, the Ukrainian army has acquired nearly 50 UAVs. More are contracted and paid for. It will be delivered in July. But as it turned out, the state does not have to pay for all the countries occupied by Russia.

Recently, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Serhiy Pretota organized a fundraiser for the purchase of three drones. One cost about $5 million, but it raised a total of enough money to buy four. However, the money will not go to Turkey.

The Turks do not want to collect money. They will go to other needs

why? Bayraktars producer announced on Twitter that three drones It will be delivered to the Ukrainian army for free. He also demanded that the collected funds be allocated to “the people of Ukraine”.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Earlier, Lithuanian journalist Andrios Tabinas organized a fundraising campaign for Bayraktara for Ukraine, and then the Turkish company also decided to donate the machine for free.

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