The government cannot solve every problem. But we can lighten the burden. We will do so, said Rishi Sunak, Great Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the House of Commons on Thursday. Instead of the previously announced £200 loan, each family will receive double the amount and will not have to repay.

Britain will pay benefits to the poor, the disabled and the retired

Rishi Sunak has calculated the amounts that the government will pay to certain groups in the society in response to the rising cost of living associated with inflation and energy prices. The Bank of England expects inflation in the country to average around 9% this year.

As announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, around 8 million low-income families will receive a one-time £650 bailout. This amount will be paid in “two installments” – the government will pay the first part of this benefit in July and the second part in the fall of this year. Authorities have not yet set specific dates.

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Pensioners who already benefit from the heating allowance will receive additional heating in the fall 300 People with disabilities will receive an additional £150 from September. Many of this third group will also get the £650 mentioned at the beginning. – There is no need to fill out complicated forms. Rishi Sunak assured that we will send the payment directly to the bank accounts.

Great Britain. The government will impose a tax on energy companies

The government will allocate £15 billion to support families. Money will come for this purpose among other of the tax imposed on companies operating in the energy sector. The tax is 25% and is temporary. Rishi Sunak announced that when oil and gas prices return, the tax will be phased out.

Morawiecki wants a new tax. This is the topic “Feed the Norwegians”.

This is a tax that conservatives have considered a bad idea for weeks, arguing that it would stifle investment and hit consumers in the long run. However, the opposition has been demanding the fees, noting that energy companies have just posted windfall profits on their account.

Labour’s Rachel Reeves said in Parliament: The Treasury Secretary has finally recognized the problems our country faces. However, the Conservatives have modified the idea by offering significant tax breaks to those companies that promise to invest in British infrastructure.

Boris Johnson after the press conference in Downing Street following the publication of the Sue Gray report, May 25, 2022.Downing Street Event Report: Drunkenness, Vomiting and Battles

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office was quick to announce the plan. According to government critics, this is an attempt to divert attention from the scandal of the Downing Street blockade during the lockdown. An official report on this issue was released on Wednesday – criticizing senior politicians, including the head of government.

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