We know the payment dates for the thirteenth and fourteenth pensions. In the case of the latter, an important reading of the bill on the payment of “fourteen” has already taken place. We also know when Seniors will be paid out. You can see details in the gallery above

Exactly, on January 19, the first reading of the fourteenth pension payment bill took place in the parliamentary committee. The money will go to about 8 million retirees. The information on supplementary pension is definitely interesting All people who receive this feature. We already know what the 14th pension will be. Who is entitled to and when is it paid?

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The Social and Family Policy Committee in the House of Representatives approved the fourteenth pension bill. 32 deputies voted in favor of the bill, no one opposed it and 2 abstained. The committee accepted the amendments proposed by the Legislative Office.

As reported by tvn24.pl, opposition MPs announced that they will present at a later stage of legislative work The amendment removes the income thresholdConsequently, its goal was to ensure that the “Fourteen” is paid to all pensioners, regardless of the amount of their benefits.

The Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Mallig, said at the end of last year that the money would definitely go to the old people’s accounts. We met earlier As well as the dates of payment and the amount of the thirteenth pension, Which also will get retired this year.

When are pensions 13 and 14 paid? How much will it be and who will be able to get it? Read all the most important information in our booth.