To show the world the great Pole, and at the same time to show the dramatic world, but also the great history of Poland – this was the idea behind the filmmakers of the film “You Will Love”. The document was produced by the Opoka Foundation as part of the “Polish Energy Changes the World” project. The director is Michał Szymanowicz, and the executive producer is Towarzystwo Projektów Edukacyjnych. Saint John Paul II knows the whole world. But there would be no tycoon on Peter’s throne without a card. Stefan Wyszyński, President of Poland in the years 1948-1981. His enormous advantages for both Poland and the Church in Poland meant that he was called the Millennium President. With extraordinary courage and wisdom, he led the church in Poland through the long and dark night of communism. He protected the hearts of millions of Poles from enslavement and hatred. Imprisoned and harassed by his enemies, he uttered the words: “They will not make me hate them.” The greatness and sacredness of the Millennium President was officially recognized by the Church on September 12, 2021. Card. Stefan Wiesinsky was beatified at the Temple of Providence in Warsaw. Now is the time for the new world to know about the blessing and the times in which it was lived.

The idea of ​​the project “Polish Energy Changes the World”, under which the film was shot, was co-sponsored and supported by the PGE Foundation, PKO Bank Polski Foundation, ENEA Foundation and Tauron Foundation. The English version of the film has already reached more than ten million farms in the United States, Great Britain, India and Africa. The document is distributed collaboratively by EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). It has global coverage, broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to more than 350 million families in over 145 countries, in 9 languages. In total, 8 performances of the film “You Will Like” have been broadcasted so far. During the premiere, Michael Warsaw, Chairman and CEO of EWTN, will speak about EWTN and TV’s collaboration with the Opoka Foundation in the implementation of the “Polish Energy Changes the World” project.

Showing the world the most recent history of Poland, including the history of the great Poles, is a constant duty of the various institutions. The collaboration between the Opoka Foundation, the PGE Foundation, the PKO BP Foundation, the ENEA Foundation, the Tauron Foundation, the Educational Project Association and EWTN Television has already given a unique impact in the form of reaching millions of viewers around the world, not only in North America, which seems to be the most important, but also in circles Exotic as African countries and finally India. However, the Spanish or German versions are still awaiting release. It can be said without exaggeration that Cardinal Wyszyński and with him a large part of Polish history went out into the world. And Polish energy – especially spirit energy – can change the world again.

“You will love” – ​​soon in Poland

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Documentary “You Will Love”
Screenplay – Witold Głowacki
Directed by – Michao Zimanovic
Production Manager – Pawe Zarzycki and Michał Szymanowicz
Director of Photography – Jacob Kowalczyk
Editing – Paweł Deliś
Music – Sławomir Pietrzyk
Producer – Opoka Foundation
Executive Producer – Towarzystwo Projektów Edukacyjnych
Partners of the project “Polish Energy Changes the World”, as part of which the film “You Will Love” was produced: PGE Foundation, PKO Bank Polski Foundation, ENEA Foundation, Tauron Foundation
Global Distribution – EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network)