2022 is a good year for the sports world because there are a lot of world class events that will definitely excite the fans. The Winter Olympics and Super Bowl 2022 as well as many other events are currently going on. The Olympics games, rooted in rich history and culture, have evolved to be one of the world’s most sought-after events. The first modern edition took place in the late part of the 19th century and has since been a unifying event for different cultures and backgrounds of the world.

Not only has the Olympic game served a great deal in promoting unity, but it also serves as a platform that enriches people’s lives and is a source of income for a lot of people. The game comes with thrills and fun that are visible in the actions and reactions of the audience. Winter Olympics Beijing 2022 officially started on February 4th, 2022, and it will come to an end on February 20th of the same year.

Top tipster Aladar Kollar points out that “A Téli Olimpiai játékok sok-sok szórakozást kínálnak, de még élvezetesebb lesz az egész élmény, ha anyagi hasznot is hoz a szurkolótáboroknak. Ha Magyarországon szeretnél pénzt keresni a téli olimpiai játékokra való fogadással, online sportfogadó oldalak sokasága érhető el a fogadáshoz. Követheted a Mightytips oldalát is szuper fogadási tippekért és elemzésekért, amelyek segítenek megnyerni a fogadásokat. A 2022-es játékokon rengeteg sportágban lehet fogadni, és a szemfüles fogadók kihasználhatják ezeket a lehetőségeket sok pénzt nyerni, mielőtt a játékok véget érnek. Mindig azt fogom tanácsolni, hogy az információk begyűjtése elengedhetetlen, ha sikeres akarsz lenni a sportfogadásban. Csak álmodozással nem lehet nyerni. Erőfeszítést, gyakorlást igényel és jó tippeket legjobb tippadóktól. Kétségtelen, hogy azok a fogadók, akik hozzáférnek a nyerő tippekhez, nagyobb eséllyel zsákolhatnak be nagy összegeket a játékok végére, mint azok, akik nem.”

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Which Country Will Most Likely Top the Medals Table?

Norway currently occupies the top spot on the medals table for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The country won the last games in Korea, and many tipsters have them as the favorites to win the current games in China.

They have not disappointed so far as they currently have nine gold medals, five silver, and seven bronze medals. Another country doing well at the games is Germany – with eight gold medals, five silver, and one bronze.

Below is the list of the top ten countries on the medal table.

  1. Norway
  2. Germany
  3. The United States of America
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Sweden
  6. Australia 
  7. Russian Olympics Committee
  8. China
  9. Switzerland
  10. France

New Sports Added to the 2022 Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics will see athletes compete in a record one hundred and nine events (109) and fifteen (15) sports. The event also features six new sports. The new sports making their debuts are:

  • Women’s Monobob: Bobsled
  • Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
  • Men’s and Women’s Big Air: Freestyle Skiing
  • Mixed Team Aerials
  • Mixed Team Ski Jumping
  • Mixed Team Short Track Relay

Are Tickets on Sale for the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Unfortunately, tickets are not available to the public for the current games in China. This is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hopefully, the 2026 Winter Olympics Games in Milan and the 2030 Winter Olympics will not be affected by the “no contact safety regulations”, and the audience will be allowed to watch from the stands.

However, it is good that the strict audience regulation did not affect betting on the 2022 Winter Olympics – all thanks to online sports betting.

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The Countries Participating in the 2022 Winter Olympics Games  

The Olympics brings people of different cultures and beliefs together. Since its inception, more than a hundred countries have participated in the winter and summer editions of the Olympics.

For the 2022 games, the countries participating include; the Republic of China, Germany, Barbados, Norway, Nigeria, China, Japan, Lesotho, and many more. Russia is not participating in the ongoing games – although a few of their athletes are participating under the Russian Olympics Committee (ROC) tag. However, such athletes are not allowed to use the Russian flag, and their national anthem will not be played at any point during the tournament.

So, why is Russia not in the Olympics? The answer to that question is that the world anti-doping agency imposed a sanction against them because of the manipulation of data in the Moscow laboratory. Russia is a sporting powerhouse, and we hope their sanctions are lifted before the 2026 and 2030 Winter Olympics games.


The 2022 winter Olympics is a global event that draws sports enthusiasts’ attention from all corners of the world. While the current edition in China has not fulfilled all the excitements and promises of the past tournaments due to the coronavirus and other issues, we hope the next edition, Milan Winter Olympics 2026, will be a considerable improvement. Most especially in the area of the return of the fans to the stadiums. The game is for the fans, and without them, it appears the magic is not complete.