From 1 October, entry into the UK for most Polish citizens, as well as other EU countries, will only be possible on the basis of a valid passport – states the Polish Consul General in London, Mateusz Stosek.

The exception will be people with stable status (steady state) or previously settled status in the UK, which you have obtained on the basis of an ID card – In their case, entry with an ID card will be possible at least until the end of 2025.

As the consul explains, people in stable status must in principle cross the UK border on the basis of the identity document that has been linked to their digital file under the EU settlement scheme. The application for stable status can be linked to either a passport or an identity card.

– However, where some doubts may arise after the regulation has been amended, as well as on the part of British immigration officials, We encourage you to travel with a passportAny biometric or temporary passport. This is always the surest way to cross borders, says Mateusz Stosek.