Information about work on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has reached us for a long time – in 2021 there were reports that the game is in the final stages of production. Only a few months later, in February of this year, Nintendo decided to finally end all speculation and officially announced the continuation of the jRPG series. You can find the trailer here.

We haven’t received any new information since the presentation, but things seem to be going well behind the scenes. This was noticed by the biggest fans, who watched the creators’ actions with a vigilant eye A new major art has appeared on the official Nintendo website (Which will most likely be the game’s cover art). Many fans in different forums (eg on redditAlready found some interesting flavors, but let me not reveal them to you – you will probably pick up something yourself.

However, the drawings themselves are not much different from those that were shown to us on the occasion of the advertisement itself – with the difference (important for many) that now Instead of two letters, six appear. On top of that, the whole thing is of much better quality, and that probably just encourages anticipation. The premiere is set to take place in September this year, so expect the coming weeks to bring us more news related to the game.

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