The Iranian news agency IRNA reported that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seized two Greek tankers in the Persian Gulf on Friday for “unspecified violations”. Greek authorities described Iran’s activities as piracy.

American strikes on oil smuggling. The Iranian network was supposed to cooperate with Russia

The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on Iran’s money laundering and oil smuggling network in a high-profile deal…

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seize oil tankers It is a retaliatory action against Greece for seizing Iranian oil off its coast – The Iranian portal Noor News evaluated. Earlier on Friday, the Iranian authorities called on the Swiss representative to the United States to protest against the United States taking over the transport of Iranian oil on board a Russian tanker.

On Thursday, the US authorities confiscated an Iranian oil shipment that was carrying a Russian oil tanker near the Greek island of Evia. The shipment was pumped to another ship and shipped to the United States.

Greece sent a protest to the Iranian ambassador in Athens over the “forcible seizure” of Greek units. She called on the country’s authorities, which described Iran’s activities as piracy, to release the ships and their crews as soon as possible.

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