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March 26, 2022, 09:00

author: DM

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The Witcher 4 announcement! Will it be the best? we do not know. What would it even be? We have no idea either but we know how we would like to be on some issues. Here is our wish list.

Cyberpunk 2077 movie In the new generation of consoles, it finally works and looks like it, and the hype around it on the Internet has already subsided a little, so studio CDPR decided to remind the community that it is basically this “team of” the magicianWhat we have been expecting for a long time has been officially confirmed – that (some) work is underway on the next installment of the cosmopolitan series created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

So far, a kind of cover art with a mysterious logo has been shown. It’s really little more than a “beep”, but still a bit. A bit of “Bethesda style” with a brief teaser from Part VI Sheikh manuscriptsbut The photo was so important that it stimulated fans of the Witcher saga to discuss again: “What will it be, what will it be, with whom will it be …?”

Perhaps it is not surprising that such conversations take place in our editorial office, and in addition to guesswork and speculation, we have also expressed our expectations for Witcher 4 or maybe just the magician. From the first show Wild Hunt It’s been a long time coming and while “Three” is still seen as one of the best productions ever, there are quite a few other gems in the open-world RPG genre. CDPR itself also needs a little good PR rebuild, which is best done with another prominent title. So what do we expect from the game, so that – by slightly modifying the old question – we can be sure for some time: “3 Witcher 4 better?”.

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What are your desires for the new “Wieka”? Let me know in the comments!

Stable game from premiere – no glaring bugs

Obviously we want to have a finished and tested product that does not give any reason to create videos with bug compilation. However, with so many previous undeveloped beta versions out there, Limited Trust is perfectly legitimate. The card limit “The PC version will be reasonably OK, the rest will be worked on over time” most likely has run out. Because it’s not just about the terrible situation Cyberpunk 2077 movie In the release date, especially on consoles. Remember after all that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It also left a lot to be desired when I tried to bypass the game on PlayStation 4. This was due to the poor technical condition that it “only” 8.5 got in our review.

This time a lot of hope was raised by the news that the CDPR center will have a new the witcher He ditched his original RED engine and moved to Unreal Engine 5. Not only do UE5 technology demos released over and over again show how good graphics can be compressed from them on modern and upcoming hardware, there’s also this engine’s reputation, its versatility and, above all, the support that Epic Games will provide under a 15-year contract. And “Redzi” will be able to focus more on the game itself, and not primarily on improving it on consoles.