Former professional player Happy will turn 28 this year. He finished his career at the end of 2017 with the colors of Chinese NewBee. He has played only fourteen games in his last two divisions where he has been replaced by a well-behaved and unknown scorer – Lwx.

Saeed spent the best years of his career in the colors of Qiao Gu Reapers, under the alias TnT. At the time, he and Duynep finished second in the 2017 summer qualifiers, losing a crucial 2:3 streak to LGD. Then the team tried to enter the World Cup, but lost to Invictus Gaming.

So Happy was sometimes a step away from history, but in fact, he didn’t enter the Chinese League of Legends scene anymore. After that, early retirement somehow made the world forget about him. On the other hand, the player surprised us with his unexpected return, this time in the role of … a student.

Saeed boasted on his social media that he had been accepted into one of the best universities in Great Britain. The former player will study economics, international banking and finance at the University of Glasgow from September this year. It is a university ranked 11th in Great Britain and 77th in the world by For comparison, our top universities, such as Jagiellonian University and University of Warsaw, are ranked 326 and 321 respectively.

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