Bronisław Komorowski commented on the visit in an interview with Joe Biden in Poland. The former president said that US visits are important from the point of view of convincing public opinion in countries that feel threatened by Russia that America is the guarantor of their security. Komorowski explained that “Polish policy cuts off coupons from the geographical position” of our country, being the largest country on the eastern side of NATO.

The former Polish president expressed his hope for this during Biden’s visit to Poland Andre Duda And it will give up trying to implement the unfortunate idea of ​​a NATO peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. – You can see that in Brussels, as the Polish ambassador to NATO said, President Duda mentioned different concepts of action for Ukraine. This means that he has already given up on explaining to the world the reason for the initiative Jaroslav Kaczynski It was supposed to be great, and it’s bad – he admitted.

Joe Biden’s visit to Poland. Bronislav Komorowski on the transfer of MiGs to Ukraine

Komorowsky was also asked about another disagreement in relations with the United States, that is, the question of the transfer of MiGs to Ukraine. He explained that “the disproportion of power and importance between the United States and Poland is so great that the United States can tolerate such generosity and forget the various mistakes made by the Polish side.” He added that “the United States has already called Poland into its ranks, because it is unwise to hold the United States responsible for transporting aircraft to Ukraine without consulting with it with America.”

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It is strange that plans have been announced to send US soldiers as part of a NATO peacekeeping mission to Ukraine. Executing this plan, well motivated because wanting to help, was like flexing the muscles of someone else, America, by a deputy prime minister in the Polish government. Probably because Poland has so little of its muscle – Komorowski concluded.

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