Starlink satellite internet system from Space Exploration Technologies Corp. He continues to fight the intense heat wave currently sweeping the western United States. Users in hot regions began to complain that the system antennas turn off in hot weather.

Starlink admitted that this is true – the maximum temperature is 50 degrees Celsius. When the antenna reaches this result, it turns off and waits for cooling up to 40 degrees. Only then does it turn on again.

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These temperatures are nothing unusual, for example in Arizona. In summer, in this case, the temperature can be more than 40 degrees in the shade, so in full sun or on the roofs of buildings (where antennas are often placed) it can exceed the above 50 degrees.

Elon Musk netizens say that they tried to cool the antennas themselves – for example, by pouring water on them. It had the desired effect, but only for a short time.


SpaceX has released a message that it is working on a software update to fix overheating issues. The company guarantees that the equipment is working properly, and the antennas are turned off by the settings of its control systems.

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