US officials cannot explain the strange movements in the sky that baffle the US military and scientific establishment.

The US government report does not contain any evidence that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were extraterrestrial, but at the same time it does not exclude this, the New York Times wrote. Government officials cannot explain the strange movements in the sky.

US intelligence has not found any evidence that the UFOs seen by Navy pilots in recent years are spacecraft from another world, but they clearly have not ruled out this.

Government officials told the newspaper that the report said the vast majority of the more than 120 views in the past 20 years had nothing to do with any US military or other government technology.

This statement appears to exclude the possibility that Navy pilots who reported the occurrence of airborne phenomena stumbled upon technology related to initiatives that the US government was trying to conceal.

The full version of the government’s report is expected to be delivered to Congress by June 25, which is expected to provide “some other firm conclusions”.

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