June is called pride month. This date was not chosen by chance. In this way, LGBT circles want to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. On this occasion, on the initiative of the United States Embassy in Poland, a special letter was created, which will be a form of support for LGBT communities.

The document was signed, inter alia, by representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as many diplomats, incl. From Spain, Israel, USA, Italy and Great Britain.

June, the so-called pride month. A special letter from diplomats

On the occasion of the so-called Pride Month, we want to express our support for efforts to raise public awareness of the problems affecting the LGBT community and other minorities in Poland.” Diplomats also supported the equality march organizers across the country.

The rest of the letter stressed the importance of respecting minority rights, which she wrote about, among other things, in OSCE commitments, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as EU and Council of Europe standards. “In particular, representatives of minorities should be defended against verbal and physical attacks and hate speech,” diplomats stressed.

“We recognize the hard work of the community LGBT In Poland and around the world, as well as for the work of all those whose goal is to ensure respect for the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. We know how difficult it is to prevent discrimination, particularly discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Human rights are universal, and everyone, including gay, bisexual and transgender people, has the right to enjoy them fully.” – We read in the letter.

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