If you liked the Squid game series, then you must know that you will have a chance to take part in a reality show based on it. The Netflix platform, for which this successful South Korean series was created, will be responsible for creating the program.

TV series ‘The Squid Game’

The resulting program is called Squid Game: Challenge. Hotheads from all over the world can apply to him. The only requirement is that they must know English communicatively. This is his official announcement:

The program is modeled after the series, so 456 players are required. The prize is $4.56 million. This is the largest amount that has been proposed so far to win a reality show. The program will also complete the largest number of players who have been involved in this type of production to date.

The project will consist of ten episodes. Sending is already in progress. You can apply via the website SquidGameCasting.com. It is a collection of Lambert studios and the garden. Recordings will be made in Great Britain. The lucky ones who enter the program will participate in a series of games inspired by the original series. We will also see new challenges. Of course no one will call the losers and the players have nothing to fear.

Source: Netflix

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